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PRES® 'Deluxe Home Staging Home Study' Business Coaching Package

Who This Package Is For?

The 'Deluxe Home Staging Home Study' Business Coaching Package is for the entrepreneur who is passionate about becoming a home stager and redesigner but doesn't really know where to start. Many women become home stagers and redesigners and they are brilliant at creating beautiful homes for living or selling but, they lack the business knowledge base to create their road map to success. You may have heard of companies having 'vision and mission statements'. You will create these too for your business because you need to know what your vision is so that you can stay focused on your goals and create the type of business that works best for you. We'll start you off with Business 101 to give you a solid foundation that you can expand on as your business grows. We teach you both home staging and home redesign so that you have two revenue streams once you launch your business.

Our rich and value-packed business coaching gives you the best of both worlds because you have the course written by the home staging expert Dana J. Smithers AND you have the coaching so you will be guided every step of the way over the 9 months. You will be taught basic ABCs of business start up and specific proven techniques and strategies to grow your client base. If you have never done a sales call before we will take the fear away because we will teach you 'relationship selling' which is a much friendlier and more successful way to attract your ideal client than by doing 'cold calls'. If you are not sure what an ideal client is we will take your through systematic processes that clearly define your target market. We'll cover topics such as insurance, what to pay assistants, how much inventory you need to have, if any at all, how to deal with unresponsive realtors, how to handle clients who don't want to pay you - all the fun things that go hand-in-hand with any business.

This is a popular program for the woman who likes to take a systematic approach to her learning and who wants to invest her time, money and energy in the right places. Many times we end up focusing on the wrong things and wish we had someone from the start who could have given us the right tools!

What Does This Package Offer Me To Succeed?

Length: 9 Month Coaching Program
Number of Calls per Month: VIP scheduling - 2 per month; 18 total one-on-one phone calls where we set goals and action steps to achieve those goals
Length of Calls: 60 minutes

Package Attributes:

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