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PRES® 'Next Level' Business Coaching Package

Who This Package Is For?

This 'Next Level' Business Coaching Package is for the business owner prepared to make a 100% commitment, who has the awareness that she wants to change and, who is prepared to take massive action steps to achieve her goals. You might even be thinking about expansion and/or some restructuring of your existing business model but need some guidance and expert advice on what needs to be changed. It's a proven fact that if your marketing is not attracting your ideal client you will soon be out of business. Most businesses need to spend more time to increase their visibility with new marketing tactics that build long-term relationships. Perhaps you have thought about writing reports, book or ebooks and doing more talks to create visibility. Is now the time?

"I hired PRES as Home Staging Business Mentor in April of 2012 when I decided it was time for me to take my home staging business to the next level. PRES inspired me with lots of new ideas, helped me to add new offerings to my services and propelled me into action by making me accountable for my commitments. They went above and beyond what was the outline of the program I signed up for, and provided an incredible value in coaching that exceeded my expectations."

- Valeria Westra - Victoria BC

Many seasoned professionals need to take a step back and have the courage to acknowledge when something is no longer working. Maybe you have even hit a wall. All entrepreneurs do, including me, which is why I also work with coaches. Often times having a 'sounding board' can greatly aid in finding out the 'root causes' of what you are struggling with and what might be holding you back. Our past experiences can interfere with our current and future success if we let them continue to control us. Because this program is 6 months long there is greater opportunity for making lasting changes with new tools that can be easily applied as the business gets back on track and/or continues with expansion.

What Does This Package Offer Me To Succeed?

Length: 6 Month Coaching Program
Number of Calls per Month: 2 per month; 12 total one-on-one phone calls where we set goals and action steps to achieve those goals
Length of Calls: 45 - 60 minutes

Package Attributes:

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