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Best Color to Paint a Home for Resale

By Dana J. Smithers

In the past 5 years the Exterior and Interior colour trends have not changed much. Look around at any of the new developments or house improvements in your area and you will start to get an idea ofwhat the trend is. If you are in the marketnow or the next few years the colour trend will stay the same.

By 'trend'I don't mean trendy as 'heretoday, gone tomorrow' I mean trendy in the sense of being 'most popular' at this time period. This too will change but not for a few years yet.

Exterior and Interior Resale Paint Colour Trend

Neutrals - Grey Tones - Mat Finish (semi-gloss fordoors and trim)

I highly recommend that you check out these websites and take a look at some great choices on the web:

They have some very fun and interactive choices for you to see what their colours will look like on the exterior or interior of your house.

NB These colours will not be exact but will give you a very good idea of what your home could look like in neutral, softer, less stressful colours.Remember though since 'your home is for living in and your house for selling' do not get too attached to the colours. Keeping them neutral will appeal to more buyers and you can add colour by useful tasetful and colourful accessories such as art, cushions, area rugs, pottery, throws, etc.

Before and After Room

My favourite store to work with is Benjamin Moore because as an Interior Decorator/Redesign Stager they provide me with a very professional 'architectural kit' which has large colour samples to work with. However, you can buy or they will lend you their Designer Classics Collection and this is primarily what I use for choosing redesign staging paint colours. As mentioned in a previous newsletter I alwayscoordinatewith the flooring as that is what is staying. You can add colour with your accessories.

My standard selection from the Designer Classics Collection is:

BEIGE -Yellow Undertones(toned which means they all have grey added to them)

BEIGE - Pink Undertones



TIP You can buy testers and do your own colour boards. Many of the Benjamin Moore stores now carry pre-made Designer Classic colour boards 18 x 18" which are the perfect size to see what the colour looks like. Always check the colour morning, noon and night time to get the whole colour picture as colour is most affected by lighting.

I have many clients who in the beginning do not like the neutral colours that I have chosen (Barely Beige CC 140). However there isno denying that the end result is what helped sell the house!

About the Author

Dana J. Smithers, President of the PRES Staging Resource Centre is the author of Start & Run a Home Staging Business, and has written several eBooks for the DIY Home Seller. She appears regularly on television, international radio, podcasts and is a frequent guest speaker at conferences. She left a successful 20 year corporate job to pursue her passion of decorating and teaching and fell in love with the results one-day home makeovers could bring. She launched her first solopreneur business, Sun On My Back Redesigns over a decade ago and now thrives on teaching her certified professional PRES® staging training courses on-line and off-line. She offers business support through coaching and mentoring home stagers worldwide; professional development courses, teleseminars and webinars so graduates are supported and the learning is on-going. In 2002 she was a founding member of the Canadian ReDesigners Association and several years ago launched her own PRES® Staging Resource Centre. She is passionately committed to the success of women entrepreneurs in the home staging industry and is expanding her reach to other countries around the world where home staging is just becoming known.

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