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'TOP TIPS' Kitchen Improvements for Budget Conscious Sellers

Getting ready to prepare your house for selling and you are not sure where to best spend your TIME, MONEY & ENERGY?
I have coached 1000s of home sellers on the best investments to make when selling their home. Kitchens and bathrooms are undoubtedly two of the most important rooms in the home. From some recent surveys it was reported that 52% of prospective buyers said that the state of the kitchen had the most significant impact on their buying decision AND 79% of buyers will pay more for an updated kitchen.

Major Renovations

So it makes sense to update the kitchen, right? As a home staging coach, my answer is 'yes'. However there area a few things you need to consider:

Or, Minor Improvements

My advice to you is not to spend too much money on major renovations but make some minor improvements that will update the look of your home. These 'TOP TIPS' will help you get your kitchens looking great for selling no matter who your target market is.
You can make these changes yourself or hire a professional.

'TOP TIPS' Kitchen Improvements for Budget Conscious Sellers:

About the Author

Dana J. Smithers, President of the PRES Staging Resource Centre is the author of Start & Run a Home Staging Business, and has written several eBooks for the DIY Home Seller. She appears regularly on television, international radio, podcasts and is a frequent guest speaker at conferences. She left a successful 20 year corporate job to pursue her passion of decorating and teaching and fell in love with the results one-day home makeovers could bring. She launched her first solopreneur business, Sun On My Back Redesigns over a decade ago and now thrives on teaching her certified professional PRES® staging training courses on-line and off-line. She offers business support through coaching and mentoring home stagers worldwide; professional development courses, teleseminars and webinars so graduates are supported and the learning is on-going. In 2002 she was a founding member of the Canadian ReDesigners Association and several years ago launched her own PRES® Staging Resource Centre. She is passionately committed to the success of women entrepreneurs in the home staging industry and is expanding her reach to other countries around the world where home staging is just becoming known.

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